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Travel Baseball

Travel tryouts will be End of March and Early April at the Four Seasons Complex in Carlton. Please watch email for time slots according to age

Please arrive 5 mins early to your scheduled tryout to check in.



Travel Baseball is known to have a higher level of competitiveness than recreational baseball. Parents and players considering trying out for a travel team should be made aware of the following:

·         Travel baseball is significantly more expensive than recreational. It can incur costs from tournament fees, equipment, hotels, ect

·         There is NO guarantee on playing time. The coach determines line ups that best suites the competition 

·         You will be required to tryout and will be placed on a team according to ability 

·         Dedication is extremely important  and you will be expected to be at all tournaments


Tryout format:

No selection process is perfect, there are flaws with every format that CYBSA has researched. With that being said we have taken the time to research and watch other programs conduct their tryouts and we believe we have come up with the one that fits CYBSA. We are always open to hearing ideas and solutions 


Coaches are appointed by the Baseball Director. Coaches are selected prior to try outs based on knowledge and commitment. 


During the spring months a lot of sports and activities are competing for gym space. We try our best to schedule gym time but not every level may receive the same amount of try out days. . Our team selection process seeks to rely as much as possible on knowledgeable judges and we recognize the limitations a small amount of time in a gym (weather permitting field) provides. Our goal is to hold try outs on a baseball field but due to Northern MN weather that is not always a possibility. With the changing of weather this does change schedules and sometimes we are able to get into a gym on short notice. 


We ask all participants to wear clothing that has no affiliation with Travel baseball teams. Parents are not allowed to watch tryouts. Tryouts will consist of drills to showcase various skills. Skills include but are not limited to:


·         Hitting 

·         Infield 

·         Outfield 

·         Situational fielding 

·         Running speed 


 Catchers and Pitchers will have opportunity to demonstrate their positional skills as well. Metrics are recorded and are available for coaches and director to see. If a child does not make a team and a parent requests the metrics recorded they will only be given their child’s and an average of the participants from the tryouts. 


After the tryout is complete the judge’s scores are turned into the Baseball Director. We understand participants will be anxious for results and will provide them ASAP, generally within 48 hours. If a participant does not make a travel team they will be placed on a Rec team that participates in Quad City League.


Travel teams will not be playing recreational baseball. The Travel team that is formed will be your team for all activities. There will be weekday games and Travel teams will participate in the Quad City League. 



Quad City Fee (paid when registered)- This fee covers base expenses such as insurance, equipment, umpire for weekday games, field maintenance ect 

Travel Fee (paid 1 week after team announced)- Tournament fees, jerseys, additional equipment ect. This fee needs to be paid prior to participation in any tournament. 



*Coaches/Baseball Director will notify if a team needs to contribute more funds. This would happen only if a tournament is added after the schedule is released or additional uniform ordered. Travel to and from tournaments, hotel costs and any other costs associated with travel are the responsibility of families of the participant. 



It is the responsibility of coaches to schedule and notify team of practices. Game schedule will be posted on the Quad City League website. Tournament Schedule will be posted in April






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